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Bowsers Canopy Dog Bed

Bowsers Canopy Dog Bed

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Introducing the Bowsers canopy Dog Bed: Where Comfort Meets Elegance!

Your beloved canine companion deserves the best, and our new dog bed with canopy takes our top-selling Scoop bed to new heights. Let’s dive into the luxurious features:

  • Overstuffed Bolsters: The dog bed with canopy combines plush, overstuffed bolsters that cradle your dog in comfort. Say goodbye to restless nights!
  • Luxurious Faux Fur Blanket Enclosure: Imagine a cozy retreat for your furry friend. The dog bed with canopy’s enclosure, covered in sumptuous faux fur, provides the ultimate in comfort and security. Your dog will never want to leave!
  • Removable Tufted Cushion: Versatility at its finest! Use the tufted cushion as a crate mat or take it along during travel. It’s like having a portable oasis for your pup.
  • Elegant Upholstered Look: Circular tufting not only adds sophistication but also ensures that the fiber doesn’t clump or shift when washing.

Whether it’s an indoor haven or an outdoor retreat, the dog bed with canopy is the epitome of canine luxury. Choose from various sizes to accommodate your furry friend’s needs.

Shop now and elevate your dog’s lounging experience with the dog bed with canopy. Because every dog deserves a little pampering! 🐾


  • Cleaning Instructions How do I clean the Bowsers Canopy Dog Bed? The bed features a faux fur enclosure which can be easily cleaned. For best results, remove the cover and machine wash it in cold water on a gentle cycle. Tumble dry on low heat or air dry to maintain the fabric’s softness.
  • Durability and Material Care What materials are used, and how durable is the bed? The Bowsers Canopy Dog Bed is made with high-quality faux fur and overstuffed bolsters for comfort. The materials are designed for durability, but it’s recommended to avoid harsh chemicals and bleach to preserve the integrity of the fabric.
  • Proper Use for Longevity How can I ensure the bed lasts a long time? To maximize the lifespan of your Bowsers Canopy Dog Bed, place it in a safe, dry area away from direct sunlight. Regularly fluff the bolsters and rotate the bed to evenly distribute wear. Avoid excessive moisture and keep sharp objects away to prevent tears.

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Bowers Beds are Custom Made Based on your Selections, Please Allow 10-14 Days for Delivery

Customer Reviews

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Mz Bz
Canopy Dog Bed

Three days ago, the canopy dog bed arrived, and our boy Beau has been enjoying his new bed every day since. He has laid inside the bed under the canopy part, only if someone holds up the whole canopy part open for him. It stays open in the front because of the tubing, but the back sags downward into the bed. This sag makes it a little difficult for our furry boy to actually get under the canopy and get snuggled towards the middle back, which is where he likes to lay. Because he can't get the canopy up enough to get under it, on his own, he keeps laying under the whole bed or he just lays on top of it back behind the raised part of the canopy where the plastic tubing is. I don't know what I was expecting, but I guess I thought the whole canopy would be a little more raised with easier access. The bed is extremely well made and is very nice. I really can't give less than the five stars because of the craftsmanship. I am just disappointed because I had very high expectations for this $300 bed. I am torn between being happy and unhappy about this purchase. Happy because my boy loves the deep plushness of the bed. Unhappy because of the obvious... Despite the fact my boy Beau has a tough time using this bed without help, he does love how comfy his new bed is. I am just afraid it will not get used as much now because I'm not able to stand around all day and hold up the canopy up for him, lol. I would still recommend this bed despite the issues I have with this bed because it really is well made. I will probably eventually end up cutting up this $300 bed by removing the canopy part which is the very thing that captured my interest to purchase it. Sighhh...

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