Why Cat Owners Are Loving Pet Strollers

Why Cat Owners Are Loving Pet Strollers

Have you ever seen someone pushing what appeared to be a traditional baby stroller in the park, only to discover it's a pet stroller with a furry companion inside? You might have thought they were just showering their pet with love and attention. However, beyond the act of pampering, there are practical and sensible reasons to use a pet stroller.

In this article, you'll get to know all about pet strollers. From different types, like travel and off-road strollers, to why they're awesome for your cat. Plus, there are handy tips on choosing the perfect cat pet strollers. Stick around to learn how a pet stroller can make your furry friend's day and bring you two even closer!


The Rise of Cat Pet Strollers

Cat strollers are popular for cat owners who like taking their pets outside. They offer a safe and comfortable way for cats to see new places, get fresh air, and move around. Moreover, they can also strengthen the bond between you and your furry feline friend while keeping boredom at bay. You can zip up the cover as you walk. The stroller has holes covered in mesh for air to come in and for the cat to see outside. 

A 2021-2022 American Pet Products Association (APPA) survey showed that 40% of U.S. homes have cats. Many cat owners like cat strollers for taking their cats outside. It suggests that more cat owners use strollers to help their cats explore the world.


Types of Pet Strollers

Pet strollers, first seen in the Netherlands in 2003, became popular in the United States by 2006. Now, pet owners consider them as a must-have item. Here are some types:

Travel Strollers

Great for day trips or holidays. You can easily fold them to fit in a car, and they are portable. They have a zip-up screen for pets. Some even come with detachable car seats.

All-Terrain Strollers

These work well on grass, gravel, or sand surfaces. They have larger tires and good suspension, so your pet doesn't get bounced around. Some have storage compartments for pet supplies.

Bicycle Strollers

For cyclists with pets that can't keep up. They attach to a bike, giving your pet a good view and plenty of air. 

Double Pet Strollers

For owners with two small pets. These strollers can hold two pets, either stacked or side-by-side. Mesh encloses the compartments for safety. Some models offer easy access to your pets.


Why Your Pets Deserve a Pet Stroller

As the name tells you, cat strollers are like special chairs that carry cats. Once your cat gets used to it, they'll have fun during the ride.

Visits to the Vet and Other Trips

Cat strollers are easier to use than cat carriers because you don't have to lift or carry them. They're great for short walks. While carriers are good for car rides, strollers are better for walking. You can use them to visit places like the vet's office or a friend's or relative's house.

Great for Old or Hurt Cats

Cats, especially older or injured ones, benefit from exercise. However, they may need more energy to walk for extended periods. That's where a cat stroller comes in handy! When your feline friend gets tired during a walk, simply place them in the stroller. This way, they can still enjoy the outdoors without getting too tired.

Avoiding Hot Paws

Summer can make surfaces, like cement, very hot. For example, if the air is 77 degrees Fahrenheit, the cement could be 125 degrees Fahrenheit. Cats have soft paws, and walking on hot surfaces can burn them. This protects your cat's paws by keeping them off the hot ground. 

It's good for cat owners who want to take their cats outside when it's hot. Also, it provides shade, helping your cat stay cool. The mesh windows in most strollers allow air to flow, stopping your cat from getting too hot.

Keeping Your Cats Safe

Walking smaller cats can be risky as larger animals may scare them. These situations can cause injuries. But don't worry! Using this outside can keep your cat safe from these dangers. Strollers keep your cat high, making it hard for larger animals to reach them. This also stops larger animals from sniffing your cat, which can sometimes make them act aggressively.

Ideal for Many Cats

A cat stroller can be useful if you have many cats. Some strollers have special features like detachable carriers. It's super easy to take all your cats out together with this. Plus, it’s really helpful for carrying other bags when traveling. 


How to Choose the Perfect Cat Stroller

Picking the right cat stroller might seem tough, but no stress! Here's what to look out for:

  1. Safety: Make sure that it's safe. The zipper should be strong so your cat can't escape. Some strollers have an extra safety feature, like a strap inside.
  2. Durability: The stroller should last a long time. Ensure that you examine the materials of the stroller. A well-made one should last several years with proper care. And remember, a high price tag doesn't always guarantee top quality. Do some research—your local area matters. You'll need a sturdier stroller if you live somewhere with rough ground.
  3. Comfort: Different strollers offer different levels of comfort. Some are basic, while others are more luxurious. A comfortable stroller will make trips more enjoyable for your cat. If you can afford it, remember luxury comes at a cost.
  4. Design: Your cat stroller doesn't have to be a fashion statement, but some models stand out. These unique designs can make your walks more stylish.
  5. Practicality: Think about how easy it is to assemble and fold up. This might be important on your walks. Also, consider where you'll store it at home and whether it comes with useful extras.
  6. Budget: Finally, consider your budget. There are cheaper options if you’re still determining if your cat will like it. You should invest in a better model if your cat enjoys rides.



Cat owners love pet strollers because they provide a safe and enjoyable way for indoor cats to experience the outdoors. These nifty carriers help keep cats stimulated and happy. They're a perfect answer for pets who need a bit more adventure in their lives.

And hey, if you're considering giving your kitty a taste of the great outdoors, check out our collection of cat pet strollers. They're perfect for those fun, safe walks with your whiskered pal. Take a peek and find the one that your cat will love! 

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