Ultimate Guide to GPS Dog Tracking & Training Collars

Ultimate Guide to GPS Dog Tracking & Training Collars

GPS Tracking & Training Overview

K9-Feline sells the Dogtra Line of e-Collars. Dogtra offers a diverse range of collars to meet various needs, catering to amateurs and professionals, as well as small and large dogs.

The training collars will provide a static stimulation to your dog to get his attention. It is important to clear up a few misconceptions about these collars, which are sometimes referred to as shock collars. The stimulation from an e-collar can be uncomfortable but is not strong enough to injure your dog. Dogtra e-collars have safety features designed to eliminate injury. Some dogs may be sensitive to static electrical stimulation, and it is critical l to monitor your dog's behavior and response during training.  It is best to start your dog's training early to get use to the device.  The dog's temperament may demand more of less stimulation to get his attention.  Most of the e-collars have an adjustable amount of stimulation, you should start low and ramp up to see what level works best. You may have to get your dog into a heighten level of activity to see if the intensity is still correct or if you need to increase it and by how much.  In either case, even at the highest level of output, the device will not injure your dog, although, it will be uncomfortable. The idea is for the dog to stop his aggressive or unwanted activity and return to you.  Once the dog becomes acclimated to the routine, you may want to start spending time off the leash. 

In some dogs with sensitive skin, they may have an allergic reaction to the contact points which are made from high quality steel.  This can be corrected by changing the contact points to a different set made of titanium, with comfort pads on the end.  To prevent this, the collar should be rotated on the dog's neck, so that it is not always in the same spot. 

The GPS capable units use satellite transmission to relay the dog's coordinates back to owner, which will display on the handheld unit or a on smartphone with the compatible app.  The Pathfinder2 and Pathfinder2 Mini are the most versatile units which will provide training and advanced GPS tracking. Others features include:

Tracking & Training Features

  1. E-fence - Set up a static containment area for your dog, the dog will receive an automatic correction as he gets close to the boundary and a stronger correction if he crosses the boundary. The owner will also receive a notification when the dog crosses the boundary.
  2. Multiple Dogs - With the purchase of additional add-on collars, you can track and train up to 21 dogs.
  3. Offline Maps - You don't need an active cell signal to track your dogs, you can download the maps and if you are in a remote area, the GPS tracking will still function.
  4. LED Locate Light: You can trigger a light on the receiver, allowing you see your dog from a distance.
  5. No Subscription Fees: The Dogtra GPS tracking units do not require a monthly subscription fee as is required with many of the other tracking units on the market today.

Our features table below can provide a guide for which collar may work for you.  You can use your dog's weight as a guide or use price as guide or use range as a guide. We have some collars that provide training and GPS locater capabilities.  If your dog can roam over large areas or you are a hunter and the dog may pursue prey, you should consider a Pathfinder2 or a Pathfinder2 Mini unit with GPS tracking capabilities and the ability to send a stimulation signal up to 9 miles from the hand transmitter.  

Please download and review our comparison matrix and select the best e-collar for your Needs: 








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