Outdoor Dog Kennels

The Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Dog Kennels

Dogs enjoy running and playing outdoors, but it can sometimes cause issues. Without a secure play area, they might run away or get into trouble. For instance, dogs can dig in gardens or escape from the yard, which can be unsafe and concerning for their families. Outdoor dog kennels are a good solution for this. They give dogs a safe space to enjoy being outside.

This article talks all about outdoor dog kennels. It will discuss the advantages and the different types available, and how to select the perfect one for your pet. Discover how outdoor dog kennels ensure your dog's safety and let them breathe fresh air, which is good for their health. Keep reading for helpful insights!

Understanding Outdoor Dog Kennels

An outdoor dog kennel provides your dogs with a safe outdoor space. It keeps them secure and happy, especially when you're not home. Unlike indoor kennels, which are used briefly, outdoor kennels are for longer periods. They provide a play area for your dogs.

Having an outdoor dog kennel has many benefits. It lets your dogs safely enjoy being outside, which reduces the likelihood of them getting lost or coming across dangerous things. It also gives them their own space, which helps protect your yard and garden from damage.


Different Types of Outdoor Dog Kennels

There are a few kinds of outdoor dog kennels you can think about for your dog. Here are some:

Chain-link Kennels

These kennels are made of strongly linked steel chains. They are suitable for larger or active dogs, providing ventilation and a view of the surroundings. However, they may not be visually appealing.

Plastic Kennels

These kennels are tough plastic, light, simple to clean, and can handle different weather. They come in different colors and are easy to move, which is portable for outdoor use or travel.

Wooden Kennels

These kennels have a natural appearance and blend well with yards or gardens. Treated wood ensures weather resistance, and provides shade and insulation. However, they may require more maintenance.

Wire Mesh Kennels

These kennels have tightly woven wire mesh, making them more secure. They offer ventilation and visibility but are less see-through. Ideal for dogs that like to keep watch.

Covered Dog Kennels

These kennels come with a roof or a cover on top. This keeps your dog cool in the shade and safe from bad weather. The covers can be cloth, plastic, or metal.

Heavy-Duty Kennels

These kennels are built for large or active dogs. They are made of strong reinforced steel for extra security and durability. They can handle bigger or more energetic dogs and may include a lockable door or gate.

Soft-Sided Kennels

These kennels are made of soft things like cloth or net. They're light and easy to move, good for trips or short times. But it's not that strong, so it might not be good for dogs that chew or dig a lot. 


Selecting the Perfect Outdoor Dog Kennel

These are some important things to consider when picking a kennel for your dog to keep them happy and safe!

  1. Size: Get enough space for your dog to move around comfortably. If your dog is big, pick the big one.
  2. Material: Kennels come in metal, plastic, or wood. Metal is strong, plastic is light, and wood looks good but needs more care.
  3. Location: Put the kennel where there’s shade and air moves well. Keep it where you can see it, away from places that get too wet or hot.
  4. Security: Make sure the kennel can lock and your dog can’t escape by digging or jumping out.
  5. Comfort: Add a cozy bed, toys, and water. When it’s cold, your dog might need extra warmth.


Why Outdoor Dog Kennels Are a Great Choice

Outdoor kennels are more than just a secure place for dogs to hang out. They’re like a special park for every dog who has one. Check out why these kennels are awesome for dogs:

Safe and Secure Environment

Think of an outdoor kennel as a safe playground for your dog. It has fences to keep your dog from running off and getting lost. Your dog can play and explore without any danger.

Promotes Good Behavior

Kennels are like a classroom for dogs. They’re perfect for teaching your dog new tricks and good manners. It’s easier for your dog to learn in a place without too many things going on around.

Ample Exercise Opportunities

Dogs enjoy running and playing. In a large outdoor kennel, they get to do plenty of that. It's good for keeping them fit and healthy.

Prevents Destructive Behavior

In a kennel, dogs can dig and play with their toys without messing up your yard or garden. It’s like having their own special room with all their favorite things.

Easy to Clean

Kennels are outdoors, so they’re much easier to keep clean compared to indoor spaces. 

This is good for both dogs and their owners.

Weather Protection

Outdoor kennels can be set up to protect your dog from bad weather. Whether it’s hot sun or rain, your dog will have a place to stay comfortable.

Convenience for Pet Owners

When your dog is in a kennel,  you can relax knowing they're safe.  No need to keep on watching them always. This makes things easier and less stressful.

Great for Multiple Dogs

If you have a large outdoor kennel it can make a significant difference if you have multiple dogs. It gives them the perfect space to roam, play, and enjoy the fresh air. And it makes your life easier too!


Maintaining Your Outdoor Dog Kennel

It's important to look after your dog's outdoor house. This keeps your dog healthy and happy. Make sure to clean it every week. Use safe cleaning stuff to scrub the floors, wash their eating bowls, and get rid of any trash. This stops bad germs and bugs. Check the house for any holes, loose wires, or sharp bits that could hurt your dog, and fix them fast.

Also, make the house nice for all kinds of weather. When it's hot, give your dog shade and cool water. When it's cold, make a warm spot with a blanket or a heater. Keep the place neat, and put toys and things where they won't cause accidents. 

This helps your dog be secure. It also keeps your home looking nice. Cleaning and fixing the dog house is good for your pet and your place.



Outdoor dog kennels are special houses for dogs to stay safe outside. They stop your dog from running away or doing things like digging up the garden. You can choose a dog house made of metal, plastic, or wood. Find a spot for it where it's not too sunny or rainy. Clean it and repair any damage to keep your dog healthy and happy.

Check out our outdoor dog kennels. They are safe and cozy for your dog. Find the perfect one today and your dog will love being outside. Shop now!

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