The Best Electronic Fences for Large Dogs

The Best Electronic Fences for Large Dogs

Do you have a big, energetic dog who loves exploring the outdoors? Traditional fences might not cut it, leaving you worried about their safety. Imagine your dog darting off into the neighbor's yard or chasing after a squirrel into the street. That's where electronic dog fences come in.

This article will detail the top electronic fences suitable for large dogs, guiding you to choose the best option for your pet. Keep reading to discover the ideal fence for your large dog so you can relax knowing they're safely playing in your yard.


What Is an Electronic Dog Fence?

An electronic dog fence, also known as an invisible fence, is a special system to keep your dog safe in your yard without needing an actual fence. This collar is not ordinary; it can 'detect' signals emitted by a concealed wire placed along the boundaries of your yard.

Here's how it works: You put this invisible wire around the place you want your dog to stay in. The dog wears a special collar where it picks up signals from the wire. If your dog gets too close to the edge, the collar makes a beep sound to warn your dog.

If the dog keeps going closer after hearing the beep, the collar gives a tiny shock or vibration. This way, your dog learns to stay inside the safe area of your yard. It's like having an air-filled fence that only your dog knows about.


Top Picks for Electronic Dog Fences for Large Dogs

Choosing the right electronic fence for your large dog can be challenging. Here, you'll find a list of top Electronic Dog Fences for large dogs.

Dogtra E-Fence 3500

The Dogtra E-Fence 3500 is a safe system that has a collared dog that charges fast and suits dogs that are easier going. You can decide where your dog can go by using a special sniffing boundary around your home. 

The setup involves four main steps: plan where the fence should be installed, then set up the transmitter,  then place the wire underground, and then place flags that will show where the boundary will be. The wiring transmits a signal to the dog's collar to inform them that they are too near the edge.


  • Charging takes a maximum of 2 hours only
  • Works for dogs over 15 pounds
  • Has a beep and vibration to warn your dog without using the shock right away
  • Offers eight different levels of adjustable shock
  • Collar is waterproof
  • Can cover up to 40 acres maximum
  • Alarms and lights if the wire breaks


  • You need to bury the wire in your yard
  • You need to teach your dog how the fence works

PetSafe Stay & Play Compact Wireless Fence for Dogs

The Stay & Play Compact Wireless Fence is a portable, wireless dog fence that keeps your dog within 3/4 acres of the area. It’s a plug-and-play tool without needing to install or bury any wires or build a physical fence. 

The system has a small transmitter inside your home and a rechargeable receiver collar for your dog.  It gives you a tones-only mode and five levels of noise correction to ultimately train to your pet's preferences.


  • Easy to set up in 1-2 hours, making it convenient for home use and travel
  • Adjustable circular boundary covers, suitable for most home sizes
  • System is expandable with additional receiver collars for multiple pets
  • Features an LCD for easy monitoring of the boundary size and system status
  • Reliable and trusted, with over 25,000 5-star ratings


  • Limited to a circular boundary, which may not suit all yard shapes
  • Requires an indoor outlet for the transmitter, limiting placement options
  • Initial training period required for pets to learn the boundary area
  • Static correction may not be suitable for all dogs, depending on their sensitivity

SportDOG Brand® SDF-100C In-Ground Fence

This In-Ground Fence System can be a very useful tool for helping to keep your dog safe in a particular area without erecting that regular fence. If you increase the area with the number of wires and flags, you can make the area up to 100 acres. It has seven options that differentiate the electric shocks, vibrations, and beeps to match the dogs’ temperament.


  • Charge it for two hours and use it for 1-2 months, so you don't need to charge it often
  • Collar is waterproof and can cover the entire area without going underwater more than 25 feet deep
  • Alarm can quickly detect wire breaks, so the system becomes more reliable in use


  • The hole you need for the wire to get into the ground takes time and effort
  • Doesn’t get along with older version’s collars, so if you own them, they still can’t be used
  • The warning may be there, but you must check it more frequently to satisfy yourself that the collar is functioning correctly

Extreme Dog Fence Max Grade Electronic Fence

This is a high-quality electric fence that makes sure your dog stays safe in your yard. It has a strong wire and a comfortable collar for your dog. You can make a safe zone up to 1 1/3 acres big, but you can make it bigger with more wire. 

The collar is light and comfortable, with different beep sounds and corrections to help teach your dog the boundaries. It’s good for dogs over 8 lbs, and you can add more collars for more dogs. This system is built to last more than 25 years.


  • Wire is durable and doesn’t need to be buried
  • Can make the area up to 100 acres with extra wire
  • The collar has many training settings, like beeps and corrections
  • Collar is waterproof
  • Can be used for many dogs with more collars
  • Comes with a surge protector for safety from lightning


  • You need to set it up yourself, which can be challenging for beginners
  • The collar needs a special battery changed every 4-6 months
  • Take time to set up the fence and teach your dog the rules
  • Only works with its brand of collars and parts
  • Need to buy more wire and flags for bigger yards


Essential Factors for Selecting an Electronic Dog Fence

  1. Area & Boundary Design: Consider the size and design of your property when selecting an electronic fence. Different systems suit different sizes, from small yards to over 100 acres. In-ground fences can adapt to any shape, while wireless ones only form circular areas and suit smaller spaces.
  2. Setting Up: Wireless electric fences are simpler to install as they don't require burying cables. On the other hand, in-ground fences take more effort and time to set up.
  3. Collar Size and Features: Ensure it fits your dog comfortably, especially for smaller dogs needing lighter collars to avoid discomfort. Look for collars with durable, waterproof features and battery indicators to ensure longevity and inform you about battery status.
  4. Correction Levels: Pick a collar that lets you adjust how strong the correction is. This helps match your dog's needs. Some collars beep or vibrate as a warning, which can be enough to teach them to stay inside the yard.
  5. System Expandability: If you have more than one dog or plan to get more, choose a fence system that lets you add more collars for each dog.
  6. Battery Life: Rechargeable collars are good because they save money on batteries. But if you don't want to wait for recharging, collars with regular batteries are good. Just keep extra batteries handy.
  7. Auto Shut-off: Choose a collar that turns off itself if it has to correct your dog for too long. This keeps your dog safe from too much correction.
  8. Break Alerts: For in-ground systems, choose one that alerts you to any cable breaks to maintain continuous operation.
  9. Power Backup & Surge Protection: Consider getting a backup power source and protection against lightning for your fence. This keeps it working even if the power goes out or there's a storm.
  10. Price: Balance the cost with the features you need. Electronic fences can range from affordable to expensive based on their features and capabilities.



Picking the right electric fence for your big dog means thinking about your pet's size, personality, and space in your yard. You can choose between a wireless fence or one in the ground. It's important to ensure the fence has levels of correction you can change, a strong collar and covers the right amount of space. The success of an electric fence also relies a lot on good training. Your dog can safely have fun outside with the correct fence and training.

Ready to give your big dog the freedom to roam while keeping them safe? Check out our collection of electronic dog fences for large dogs. Find the perfect fit for your yard and your dog's needs today, and enjoy peace of mind knowing your furry friend is happily secured.

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