Discover the Professional / Military Style Dog Kennels from Dakota 283

Discover the Professional / Military Style Dog Kennels from Dakota 283

Are you a professional dog trainer, an avid hunter, or a dedicated member of the military or police K-9 unit? If you are, you know the importance of a reliable dog kennel. Look no further than the Dakota 283 — a one piece injection molded plastic dog kennel that's built as tough as your adventures demand.


Durability Meets Design in Dakota 283 Kennels

Dakota 283 kennels are engineered with precision — each feature is designed to provide maximum safety, comfort, and functionality for your canine companion. Here's why Dakota 283 stands out:

  1. Easy-Grip Handle: Transporting your dog should never be a hassle. The Dakota 283 comes with an easy-grip handle that ensures moving the kennel is a smooth experience, even in the most demanding conditions.
  2. Keyed Paddle Latching Door: Security is non-negotiable. The keyed paddle latching door keeps your dog safe inside, giving you peace of mind that they can't accidentally escape or be tampered with by strangers.
  3. Optimal Ventilation: With 20 ventilation holes on each side, the kennel assures a total of 40 holes for superior airflow, making it comfortable for your dog, regardless of the weather.
  4. Easy-to-Clean Drain Hole: After a day in the wild or an intense training session, cleaning should be the least of your worries. The kennel's drain hole allows for easy and quick cleaning.
  5. Recess for Crate Stacking: If you're managing multiple dogs, the recessed design for crate stacking is a game-changer. (Note: Stacking kit sold separately.)
  6. Made in the USA: Proudly molded and assembled in the USA, this kennel represents local craftsmanship at its finest.


    For the Professionals by the Professionals

    The Dakota 283 is not just any kennel. It's a professional-grade home-away-from-home for your dog. Crafted for those who need reliability, it's ideal for professional trainers who demand durability and security while on the move. Hunters and sportsmen will appreciate the ease with which it can be carried, as well as the assurance that their dogs are ventilated and comfortable during transport. For our military and police personnel, the robust construction offers a secure and portable haven for their trusted K-9 partners.

    An Investment in Quality

    Choosing a Dakota 283 kennel is an investment in quality. Each feature is meticulously thought out to ensure that it meets the high standards required by professionals. From the moment you feel the easy-grip handle to the sound of the secure paddle latching door, you'll know that your canine is in good hands.

    So, whether you're tracking game through the forests, training the next champion, or ensuring the safety of your community with your K-9 unit, the Dakota 283 kennel is the reliable choice that stands up to the task. Don't settle for less when you can provide your dog with the best.

    If you're ready to upgrade to a kennel that matches your commitment to your dogs and your work, explore our Dakota 283 collection. You and your dog deserve gear that's as dependable and hardworking as you both are.

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